There’s a condensed version of my story in the About Us section, however, I always like to read about other people’s stories so this is fair game. A Mosaic, I’m a Mosaic, we all are…the sum of our life’s experiences. All of them. I believe that we are here to learn well and as a someone shared with me recently, “… to walk each other home.”

House rules here, no judgment. One of my universal rules, “To each their own as long as it does no harm to another.” Some of what I post may resonate with you and some may not. Feel free to leave it here and keep traveling through the site. Know that I never mean to offend anyone on this blog.

Wellness is one of my favorite topics! Wellness is in my true north. It comes naturally to me, intuitively of sorts. I love the science, the history of eastern and western medicines, holistic approaches, spirituality, and miraculousness of the human body. My father was in traditional medicine and we grew up in Nature, believing in simple, natural solutions for living.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda become a doctor, and if I did, it would have been in neuroscience or psychology. I am fascinated by human behavior, and was on my way to a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology my senior year in college. Life happens and you have to be resilient.

My fascination with human behavior seems to intersect with service and giving back. If I can lend a hand to make another’s path a little more fun and light, all the better. Some call it Sunshine or Luck and that is all me!

What Sunshine and Luck doesn’t mean is that my life has been effortless. I’m a quick study and averse to pain, so changing my direction, my latitude, my compass, my sundial, keeps me moving, and happy!

If 2018 wasn’t epic, this site with Nature’s Best CBD products would not have come forth. CBD oil is one of the only reasons how I made it through 2018 gracefully and thankfully, intact. The sheer amount of massive change and growth that I experienced is definitely one for the record books, and perhaps a real book someday.

The list of the Top Five most stressful life events has been around for decades and includes:

    • Death of a loved one
    • Divorce
    • Moving
    • Major illness or injury
    • Job loss

The short version of my 2018, is that I experienced all of these, and some of them twice.

Chronic stress started to take its toll on me physically and insomnia is the one that affected me most.  Without sleep, I cannot be at my best for those who depend on me, or the for the commitments that I make. A girlfriend says that the only high-maintenance thing about me is my sleep!

We all have some form of stress in our life and even good stress, called eustress, is good. A new job, a birth of a baby, a marriage, etc. However it can take it’s toll on our bodies in much the same way as what comes to our minds a regular stress. Several years of chronic stress in my life preceded 2018 and I was at tipping point. I kept working to get back to wellness, however, I exhibited the physical symptoms of moderate to severe stressors affecting my sleep, digestion, muscle tension, and increasing migraines. Despite the fierce self-care through massage, acupuncture, nutrition, supplements, meditation and exercise, etc., I was treading water. Midway through 2018 a friend recommended that I try CBD Oil. After research, trial, and enough hindsight, without a doubt, it provided the adaptogenic-like support that I needed to help heal my body and to surf the conditions in 2018.

Everyone has their story, I’m not unique. Your story is likely why you are here, to help yourself, a friend or loved one. Buddhist philosophy believes that no path is harder than another. Be kind to yourself. So…

Goodbye 2018 and [email protected]!

If these CBD Oil products can help another person along the way to become a kinder, happier person, be healthier and have less chronic pain, it has served its purpose. The applications for this product are far and wide and almost appear too good to be true. However, the testaments and success stories are being shared and the evolution of this segment of wellness will change our culture like never before. And it’s time…back to Nature!

I encourage you to stay and try our products which come in a variety of applications, oils, creams, skincare and tinctures for your active lifestyle. We stand behind the best product quality that you will find on the market with our 100% guarantee!

Fast forward to now, I have a beautiful life and career, fantastic friends and family, travel and love! I’m still learning and growing and the tales will likely continue on this blog, which is 20+ years in the making!

Here we go….Let’s play!