It’s Friday night heading into the weekend. Do you wish you were on Vacation? Do you wish that you had more energy going into the weekend? Do you wish that you had more to give to your family, to do more around the house, to simply breathe? Are you fatigued despite all the sleep you are getting? Are you desperate for more sleep? Are you short-tempered? Do you have difficulty concentrating on simple tasks? Are you using more alcohol or substances to cope with life? These are all signs of burnout.

Life Happens. Sometimes you have seasons of transition. Sometimes life throws you a curveball, or two. Sometimes you’re affected by others actions or simple crisis in the world. Sometimes life happens so that you can get to a better place. Regardless, you can experience any of these feelings and they can leave you feeling deflated at another week gone by, less improvement than you want to see. Pure Exhaustion.

5 Solutions for Burnout You Can Take Action on Right Now

Extreme Self Care Take really good care of yourself. Treat yourself like you would a family member who is sick. Get rest. Take a nap. Eat well. Take a long bath. Read a book.

Seek Support – Surround yourself with friends, family, other support in your life. Sometimes it can be as simple as a day with friends, retail therapy, grabbing a coffee, a hike, golfing, or a glass of wine to get out of your head and gain perspective. Always consult a doctor or hotline for more serious concerns.

Natural Supplements – Nature’s Best CBD Oil can help with symptoms of Depression, Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, and help add to that level of calmness or peace that you are looking for. The high-quality strain of Hemp used to make our CBD oil is Organic, Vegan, THC free and has a 100% Guarantee! You have no risk, only the benefit of feeling better and isn’t that why you’re here?

Exercise – The effects of exercise are well-known to help provide relief for stress relief, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Take good care and get outside and enjoy this Spring weather!

Distract Yourself – Keep moving. Schedule something fun to look forward to on the calendar. Travel. Start that project that you’ve always wanted to do. Get in touch with those friends that you keep ‘meaning’ to get together with. Laugh. Love. See a Movie. Go to a museum. Give to others. Say a small prayer of thanks for all the goodness in your life. Brighten someone else’s day! Get outside and into nature!

Be Kind to yourself!

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